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I've been taking pictures avidly for the past 15 years or so. I spent a semester at Eastman Kodak studying B/W film developing techniques just to realize it was about to be wiped out by the digital revolution.

No matter! As an early tech-adopter i got my first digital camera when they were bad, REALY bad. 640 by 480 grainy pictures with terrible white balance and color processing. Thankfully those days are over. Today's digital cameras have unbelievable crisp sensors capable of discerning between a gazillion colors and do it more than eight million times in one exposure. Let me rephrase that: It processes the difference between 16 million colors AND it does it 8 million times in one exposure. With such an amazing and jaw-dropping technology, why do people completely ignore it by doing this:

40 years worth of color reproduction technology development disintegrated at the hands of a cheap digital filter.

There are a number of occasions when low-tech approaches end up giving a better result than their high-tech digital counterparts. I prefer the bold, latency-free sound given by analog sound procesors, or heating up a burrito in a stove instead of beaming high-energy radiation to it, but trashing the color information on a once-near-perfect photograph will always make me squirm in anguish.

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The sole word "blogger" makes me gag...

 Fortunately none of my friends has the intellectual discapacity of calling themselves bloggers (gag) although some of them keep active blogs, unlike me. Even worse is the notion of "reBlogging" (reGag) where people would post the same shit in a plethora of different blogs. As an avid Stumbler-er (nice word for mentally-Blocked-internet-zapper-er) I tend to find the same content reBlogged (gag) to infinity without any further information or discussion (other than trolls commenting on it).

There's this magazine (on paper) where the authors submit their stories, articles, reviews, etc... and the editor(s) not only select and sort them for publication, but they write an introduction and a conclusion piece for each of them, making the whole thing more seamless. The whole thing is in spanish, but if you want the link, it can't hurt... I can also arrange for you to get the printed copy, since a friend of mine is one of the many distributors.

I thought I could do the same, with blog posts that I find interesting or funny. I'd put an introduction and a conclusion before and after each post. Let's see how it goes.

Until the next time...

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Last iRant... till another stupid thing comes over

I read everything there is to read, every review. Engineers versus iFreaks, developers versus fashion icons and after all the debate my girlfriend had the answer.

I dont like a company that treats its clients like they are a bunch of stupid kids (even if they are) telling them stories about an amazing device that promises to take them to nirvana and keep them there as long as they cough up the money.

It's been called the iPhone on steroids, the kindle killer and a VERY expensive pictureframe. What it is, is a gadget trying to fill a gap that does not exist: between an appPhone and a laptop. Taking aside the iPhone, most appPhones multitask AND have a camera; and all laptops mul
titask and some have cameras. So the gap between an appPhone and a laptop cannot be filled by a 64Gb toy that doesn't multitask OR have a camera. That gap has been already filled by the netbook.

And as for an e-reader: Both sony's reader and the kindle work with e-ink which is as harmful to the eyes as a paper book. This thing has an LCD screen backlit by LEDs, making it super bright and thus, painful to read.

It baffles me how these iKids will devour every piece of half-baked iGarbage that always comes five years late and then keep buying patches and updates for their flawed and incomplete devices.

Yes, it is gorgeous, yes it is funny and clever but so is a swiss coockoo clock and just as useful, since they cannot possibly expect you to work your iTunes, iWorks, iMovies, iBooks and iPictures with 64 gigs (assuming you get the largest US$699 64 gig version)

Like i said earlier, last night my girlfriend came to the perfect conclusion to what this nippy, arrogant, pretentious device is: It is the perfect gift: We all want one, but no one in their right mind will cough up US$699 for it, and we all would LOOOOVE to receive one. So thank you Sophie for finally putting my mind at ease.

Notice how i never mentioned the device's silly name, since it became the last nail on its coffin.

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Dim strBLOG USES as string = ToiletEntertainment

So my girlfriend keeps this book in our bathroom called "misterios de la vida cotidiana" and with such a pretentious title, i didn't hesitate in not reading it for some months, until she told me it was a book about nothing; perfect for bowel voidance on account of its bite-sized simple stories, because lets's face it, the last thing one needs while in the can is a befuddled mind.

me, having a severe short attention span, grabbed the book while "taking care of business" and it was great: concise, simple, light-written stories about a completely random topic that are the exact length of a bowel movement. and now my point (for those of you who thought there was none): I think that is the hidden purpose of blogs. small simple pieces of information one will flush out of our minds while we flush some other things down the toilet. And the reason it's not yet that way, is because we would look very stupid with a laptop on our lap while sitting in the toilet, not to mention the leg-burn hazard that is always latent. other than that, my friend's posts would make an excellent aid in those difficult times. until they invent a device to let you read blogs while in the can without any danger, blogs will never find their true purpose in life, and i'll stick with my girlfriend's book.

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Summer 1996
Geeky kid trying not to be geeky:
Programming qBASIC routines on a macintosh performa 6300 emulating windows 95 with TWENTY megs R.A.M. and 800 MB HDD. listening to the LATEST in 90's dance music at 4 am

twelve years later...
Spring 2008
Geeky kid not worried about being geeky anymore...
Programming visualBASIC routines on a Lenovo windowsXP with 3000MB in ram and some TB in HD space w/ 3 monitors. listening to the SAME 90's dance tracks at 4am

only technology changes... and the perception of oneself.

back in those days macs were cool b/c they were complicated and crashed. now they crash trying to be simple. I guess what i'm trying to say is im not ashamed of being geeky anymore whereas macs are ashamed of being complicated

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At this point I should've been validating my Simulator code for my thesis. instead i have NO FREAKIN Code whatso...ever. i managed to build some very nice but-at-this-point useless routines to import data from excel datasheets and to write selfpacked Matlab programs but I HAVE NO KERNEL (sobbing!) and all thanks to my inabbility to read long papers and to understand complex mathematical equations. My thesis director just keeps feeding me papers and links but I cannot decode the oh-so-very-needed model for my kernel.

If yo made it reading to here, you are my hero since i already got in my own nerves... thanks though.

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